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Orlando Attractions – Things to do in Orlando

Walt Disney World

Welcome to the land debarred from anxieties and troubles. You can be sure to keep those anti depressants aside and have some fun in Disney land. You can’t help but be happy in ‘the happiest place on earth’. Built in 1955 the world’s first and biggest amusement resort is divided into: Magic Kingdom Park, EPCOT Center and Disney-MGM Studios Theme Park.

Magic Kingdom

The main attraction here is the Cinderella’s Castle. There are series of ‘lands, within the kingdom which include’ the new attraction Tomorrow land, Fantasyland where you may want to attend “a mad tea party” or ride a “small world”.


It stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, and its trademark silver geodesic dome is visible throughout Disney World. It is divided into two main sections: Future World, a combination amusement and educational park, and World Showcase, a well-presented re-creation of 11 countries. One of the unique creations of the Disney Park also has a good collection of shops, and eating joints that have a traditional look of the 10 different countries which include: Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, Norway, and America herself. This itself is an excellent way of exploring various cultures of the world especially their cuisines.

Disney-MGM Studio’s

The rides and attractions here are absolutely irresistible. Most of them being the 3D .the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is considered parks best and most terrifying ride.

It is a best bargain to book the tickets earlier. Disney World is about 20 miles (32km) southwest of downtown Orlando. The best way to access the park is by car; or you can even take the bus that leaves every two hours from Orlando’s Lynx Bus Center.

Universal Studios Florida

The fourth most-visited attraction in the country is the Universal Studios Florida theme park. This place wont let the people down who have love for the rides and the silver screen. There are 30-movie-based rides, shows, and attractions around this area of six different themed parks.

At Universal mostly kids enjoy at Nickelodeon Studios but there are different attractions on sound, film, talent production and educational available for visitors of all ages. All the attractions offer a chance to discover the world of making movies. Universal is the largest active motion picture and television production studio outside of Hollywood. The park has served as a location for hundreds of television shows, commercials, and music videos, and more than 14 feature films.

Sometimes the visitors to the park are allowed to watch the proceedings. Don’t forget to check that the film schedule posted in the Front Lot to make sure that you’re watching a real film in the making and hope that the director needs a few extras for the scene.

Skull Kingdom: A Haunted Family Attraction

Skull Kingdom – a great place and way to spend an hour in the city, which has excellently combined old-fashioned sideshow scares with some more modern and glitzy scare tactics, making the entire tour delightfully frightful.

In this two-storey maze of terrors filled to the brim with boos and scares you will find fearful face ghouls, ghosts and demons. Run into some of horror’s most-famous killers and villains, including the earliest monsters as well as the newest frights.

The visitors here should be at least eight years of age. Skull Kingdom’s tour is suitable for the entire family and its construction allows it to rotate regularly, so even repeat visitors will run into some surprises. You’ll blush when you realize how much a haunted house actually can scare you.