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Tips For Your Orlando Travel

Not only is Orlando the home of some of the most technologically advanced theme parks in the world it is also of a friendly business center. It is also a boon for those who love living amongst lush sub-tropical flora and fauna.

Those looking to settle down in Orlando should know that the average price of a house is only $123,000. Although this hot, humid city is a vacation and retirement paradise, don’t expect any beaches within walking distance. Orlando is 75 miles north-east of Clearwater Beach on the Atlantic coast and 50 miles due west of Cocoa Beach on the Gulf of Mexico.

However the city is well planned out and features numerous public swimming pools and man-made water parks. Hundreds of miles of bike-path that make it easy for the fitness aware to get around the city. Another perk is the City’s fast, efficient, and absolutely free transit system called the Lymmos that transports locals and tourists to the city’s main attractions.

The city is constructed around Lake Eola Park, an urban green wonder that is filled with botanical gardens, picnic tables and a lake that spouts an enormous artificial fountain. Surrounding the city are over three hundred lakes, streams, rivers and lagoons that invite residents and visitors to fish, swim, snorkel, water-ski and observe nature.

The city is also famous for its marine parks, zoos and botanical gardens such as Discovery Park, Seaworld Orlando, Harry P. Leu Botanical Gardens and Busch Gardens.

As Orlando is known as the home of two enormous theme parks: Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Great Escape, it is no surprise that most of the employment in the city is in the tourism industries. However targeted areas of growth cited by Orlando City Council include health care, culture, sports, film, high technology, and international business.

Orlando is a world-class meeting destination with a variety of meeting facilities that accommodate small meetings to large city-wide conventions and trade shows. The city’s pride and joy, the Orlando’s County Convention Center is ranked third largest in the United States.

Orlando is the fastest growing retail market in the United States. It is well known for its two super malls, The Mall at Millenia and the Florida Mall that bring a little Los Angeles and New York to the Floridian swamps.

The city is also the home of The Atlanta Braves, Harlem Globetrotters, Indiana Pacers and Orlando Magic.